Find the Best Local Deals
that are Close...NOW!

Coming to your city soon.

Find and Support the Best Local Business, AND Save Money.
We have Three ways to find local businesses.

It's about making your SmartPhone SMARTER
while Saving Money, Saving TimeShopping Local and Saving Local Businesses.

This video shows a Preview

You can Look Up Businesses Three Ways

Near Instant Speeds

Coming to Every State.
See the links just below.

Lookup by State

We have several states now active and more are on the way.
Let us know if you want to join in to make that happen.

Android and Apple


Put the process on Auto-Pilot.
There is a link a little lower to show you this Extremely Powerful System. It WILL make your Smart Phone a Lot Smarter.

Launching in Several States

The Best by State

This one is new and we are in the process of interviewing and qualifying businesses in several states. It's for discriminating folks who simply want the best.

The Free App

You saw a preview at the top of the page.
Go ahead and dig a little deeper here.
Even C/NET has an opinion on the app.

Check it out.

Get the Deals You Want on Auto-Pilot

You Control the Filters.

Does NOT affect your phone's battery life.

Map View moves with you.

Works Indoors or Outdoors.

Choose Categories or even take a break.

Engage the Businesses you choose.

You Only see businesses that are Close. No more ads blasting out from across town or out of state.

Upgrade your Maps

GooMAPS and GooPLUS.
Find what you need, where you need it, and even be directed to it whether you are Indoors or Outdoors. If you are in a Mall it even knows what floor you are on.

Alerts when they Actually Mean Something

Get alerts on what you WANT and are near NOW, not the usual blast of messages about stuff across the state that you won't be near any time soon.

Find the BEST by State.

This part is new and we are currently interviewing candidates.

Just a Few Clicks.

Download the App

Look for appSAVE®

Beginning in the Western U.S. then throughout the Western Hemisphere.


Dr. Rick Mayer, Founder and C.E.O.

o 800-913-5566

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